Classical Pilates with a Modern Twist

Our privately owned Pilates studio offers boutique-style small group Pilates classes on new equipment, as well as individual and duet sessions, and small group private events. We cater to clients at all levels. Here you will be introduced and practice on the best Pilates equipment such as the Reformer, Tower, Pilates Chair, Jump Board and Ladder Barrel.

Pilates by Galiya's Fitness

Classes and Sessions We Offer

Beginner/Gentle Flow Reformer

Beginner / Gentle Flow Reformer is the perfect introductory Pilates Class.  It focuses on Pilates Principles using the classic sequence of movement on the Reformer.  Taught in a small group setting, this slower-flow class helps teach new students how to use Pilates equipment and concentrates on developing a strong inner core and improving flexibility while helping sculpt long, lean muscles. This class is perfect for a new Pilates student or for those wanting a slower paced practice.  Pilates socks are required for this class. 

Tower/Chair Combo

Tower/Chair Combo is a full body workout uses the vertical support structure of the reformer and Pilates Chair to create fuller movement.  You will gain a total body workout with the emphasis on lengthening the spine, strengthening your core, strengthening your upper body, improving flexibility and coordination, and increasing stability. Taught in a small group setting, this class is designed for students who are familiar with pilates equipment. Pilates socks are required for this class. 

Power Pilates

Experience a faster moving flow, total body workout that focuses in increasing your core strength, challenging upper body strength, improving  posture, improving flexibility and mobility, and boosting your energy level.  You will be taught more complex and advanced exercises in a small group setting. This class is designed for students who are familiar with pilates and pilates equipment. Pilates socks are required for this class. 

Individual Session, 50 min

In an Individual Pilates Session, you’ll experience a 50-min whole body workout tailored to your body’s level and desired focus on the Pilates Method equipment: the Reformer, Tower, Chair and Ladder Barrel. The session is designed to be exactly what your body needs. Pilates socks are required for this class.

“In 10 sessions you’ll feel the difference, in 20 sessions you’ll see the difference, in 30 sessions you’ll be on your way to a whole new body” – J. Pilates.

Duet Session, 50 min

Duet Session is ideal for clients who want more personalization than a class offers, but enjoy the company of a friend! It‘s great for couples, friends, mother/daughter, father/son pairs, and clients looking to defray the cost of an Individual session. Duet Session is a whole body workout designed to your specific needs. Pilates socks are required for this session.

Private Event

Private Event is ideal for a small group to celebrate your unique occasion. Looking to host a bachelorette, birthday party, corporate or other event? Please contact us to schedule your fun full body workout on Pilates equipment. Pilates socks are required for this event.

Pilates for Instructors

Pilates for Instructors ONLY! Special Requirements:

* You have to be certified in Pilates, Yoga, or Barre

* You have to be familiar with Pilates Equipment (reformer, chair, tower)

Pilates Socks are required for this class. No online reservations. Call us to schedule your challenge!

Sound Bath

Nurture your mind and body! Sound Bath is a meditative 50 min experience during which you will be “bathed” in sound waves from crystal bowls, crystal pyramid and rain stick. Waves of soothing sound may help to relax your entire body and mind. Bring your blanket and/or pillow, eye mask and enjoy this rejuvenating experience.

Pricing Options:

Studio reserves the right to cancel a group class if only one person signed up for the group class.